Joana Saramago — Self Portrait

Professional image-maker

I was given my first camera at the age of 7.

It became clear at that very young age that I should become an image-maker.

After graduating as a graphic designer, I became a professional photographer specialising in reportage and portraiture.
Years later, searching for more knowledge, I enrolled on a professional photography course in a prestigious school in Lisbon.

Both backgrounds (design and photography) complement each other and bring a great understanding of visual communication, composition and storytelling.

I began both my careers in Lisbon working for companies like Agência Lusa – Portuguese News Agency and Proteste Magazine.

Today I’m a proud photography teacher at the London Institute of Photography. In London, I have worked for Magazine Which?, JJS Design and photographed for many corporate clients like the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain, the French Chamber of Commerce in UK, the London School of Economics and Political Science, ZS Associates, Hoss Intropia, Virtual Clarity, and many, many more.


Photography done for: