Runarchy commercial — Behind the Scenes

Last April I shot the Behind the Scenes for #Runarchy, a very cool sportswear brand launching their online shop in September!
The commercial was directed by Anna Radchenko, shot by Annette Remler and produced by Edvin Dubrovskiy. The video was shot at East London Studios.

It was great to be on set with such a great team!! Looking forward to more opportunities with the same crowd.


The video can be seen here :)


Dir: Anna Radchenko
DP: Annette Remler
Producer: Edvin Dubrovskiy

1st AD: Linute Remeikaite
2nd AD: Pedro Rilho
1st AC: Ryan Parkins
2nd AC: Mahalia John
Gaffer: Noah Furrer
Spark: Peter Kehoe
Spark: Rob Shears

Production Design: Felix Coles
Art Director: Luis San Martin
Construction Manager: Tom Watson
Props Master/ Stand-By Props: Ross Davidson
Make-Up & Hair: Yulia Yu
Make-Up & Hair Assistant: Yanan Xu
Stylist: Una Ho

Behind the scenes Photographer: Joana Saramago
Runner: Max Gabbay
Runner: Recce Gibbins
Runner: Anastasia Polner

Editor: Sugga Suppiah
Colourist: Jason Moffat
Online Editor: Av Bains
Text Design: Irina Hasselbusch

Soundtrack by KIMMYBEATBOX


Alzira — A Fado singer in London

It was yesterday that the singer Alzira performed at the Portuguese Love Affair Deli in Columbia Road, Hackney, London. With Alzira played two amazing fado guitarists, Ricardo Martins (on European tour) and Álvaro Vinhas. 
It was a very nostalgic evening for me. It brought back memories of Lisbon, old kitchens, grandmas and everything I miss in general.
Fado does this to you and you only realise it when you stay away from home for a long time.

Women's March — London 2017

I'm so glad I could join this beautiful march. Londoners from all walks of life united in a beautiful feminist march against hate and bigotry. 

Babis Alexiadis and Ron Arad's Curtain Call

Go visit if you can, the amazing installation Ron Arad's Curtain Call at the Roundhouse in London.
One of the artists, Babis Alexiadis (very talented animator!!) asked me to photograph his animation and so I did. It is beautiful! You are surrounded by magic! Just go before it ends!


And this is Babis, posing for my portrait. Thank you Babis!!!

J + J — Wedding shoot

Everytime I think London has shown  me everything, I discover new people and new cultures.
Two weeks ago I partnered up with Alicia's Bridal to shoot this young and traditional asian wedding.
I know I keep saying this, but being among happy families just fills my heart with joy. I love family shoots and celebrations and this one was a lot of fun all through out the day.
J. and J. are such a cute couple, I wish them all the luck in the world!!

I'm available for Wedding photoshoots in the UK and abroad. Just use the contact page to get in touch and book your own. 

The nightingale garden // A horta dos rouxinois

It is because of her love of Nature that Maria José Bernardino, choreographer and dance teacher from Almada, goes every weekend to the village of Seda, Alter do Chão, where she owns and tends a vegetable garden by a brook.

Every story told by Maria José is born here. She has worked with this garden for 18 years, more recently with permaculture.
Here she observes little saplings sprouting, and the land, very fertile, overflowing with life.
This is where she feeds her dreams and creative spirit.
It’s the perfect ecosystem — she tells me. Where no fertilisers or insecticides are allowed, the earth regenerates in harmony.
The land gives back in gratitude for the dedication it receives. 


É pelo amor que tem à Natureza, que Maria José Bernardino, coreógrafa e professora de dança em Almada, se desloca todos os fins de semana à aldeia de Seda, concelho de Alter do Chão, onde tem uma horta perto da ribeira.

Todas as histórias que Maria José me conta nascem nesta horta, plantada mais recentemente com recurso à permacultura e mantida há 18 anos.
Aqui ela observa os pequenos rebentos a crescer e a terra, muito fértil, a transbordar de vida. É aqui que Maria José sonha e alimenta o seu espírito criativo.
É um ecossistema perfeito — diz-me. Neste terreno não entram nem fertilizantes nem insecticidas e a horta regenera-se em harmonia.
O que a terra recebe com dedicação, retribui com gratidão.

Lauren's Bat Mitzvah

I love my job so much! 
I was recently asked to cover a Bat Mitzvah in London. 
When I first met with Lauren's family, we had a chat about the meaning and importance of this celebration in a teenager's life. I was also asked about what kind of photography I really liked to do and I was given the chance to roam almost freely. I followed the brief of course, covered every important moment like the Hora and the Hamotzi. More importantly, I wanted to portray Lauren's happiness while having the party of her life.
The way I see it, Family Photography is most precious. The moments are made to last and the photos will be cherished for a long time.

The photos I'm showing here are the ones that make me most proud and take me back to this amazing party. 

Today, Lauren's father sent me an email that reminded me again how much I love my job.

It said: " (...) Everything looks fabulous.  I think you did a great job capturing the essence of the event.  Thank you so much for your hard work and putting up with the chaos."