J + J — Wedding shoot

Everytime I think London has shown  me everything, I discover new people and new cultures.
Two weeks ago I partnered up with Alicia's Bridal to shoot this young and traditional asian wedding.
I know I keep saying this, but being among happy families just fills my heart with joy. I love family shoots and celebrations and this one was a lot of fun all through out the day.
J. and J. are such a cute couple, I wish them all the luck in the world!!

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Maternity shoot — so much love!!

There's a little baby in M.'s belly. A cute little baby!! And I can't wait to meet her!!!
M and P are going to be amazing parents. There's so much love there! And I'm going to be a very happy Aunty Jojo!

I'm available for family shoots and portrait sessions in the UK, Portugal and other countries (I will travel to meet you).
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Emotions and sunshine!

"Adoroooooooooo todas!!!!!!!!!!!! Estou um pouco emocionada!"
"I looooooove all of them!!!!!! I'm even a bit emocional!!!"

When the first feedback you get from a family photoshoot is this, you know you did a very good job!
I met with Patrícia and her beautiful family in Lisbon, Príncipe Real Garden and then walked with them to the University Botanical Gardens that are absolutely amazing.
The day was warm and the sun brought happiness to all. The family coordinated outfits for the shoot and they all looked fab!
Little princess L. set the pace of the shoot and became the star of these photos!
We ended the shoot with a couple of portraits of beautiful Patrícia to celebrate her birthday.

I'm available for family shoots and portrait sessions in the UK, Portugal and other countries (I will travel to meet you).
Just use the contact page to get in touch and book your shoot!

Lauren's Bat Mitzvah

I love my job so much! 
I was recently asked to cover a Bat Mitzvah in London. 
When I first met with Lauren's family, we had a chat about the meaning and importance of this celebration in a teenager's life. I was also asked about what kind of photography I really liked to do and I was given the chance to roam almost freely. I followed the brief of course, covered every important moment like the Hora and the Hamotzi. More importantly, I wanted to portray Lauren's happiness while having the party of her life.
The way I see it, Family Photography is most precious. The moments are made to last and the photos will be cherished for a long time.

The photos I'm showing here are the ones that make me most proud and take me back to this amazing party. 

Today, Lauren's father sent me an email that reminded me again how much I love my job.

It said: " (...) Everything looks fabulous.  I think you did a great job capturing the essence of the event.  Thank you so much for your hard work and putting up with the chaos."

Maternity photo shoot with two lovely moms-to-be.

A couple of weeks ago, I met A. and M.  for this maternity photoshoot. They are sisters-in-law and they are both (very) pregnant! After doing some shots at home, including some "photo-booth" pics, we went out to enjoy that amazing golden Sunday!

The dads joined us shortly after and the photoshoot continued in a very relaxed and informal pace.  They are such a young and beautiful family, I wish them all the best!! 


When the sun shines in London

On an unbelievably sunny day in London I knocked on the door of the M family.

I was greeted with a big smile by both Mum and the baby. We had a chat before the shoot and as I held the baby in my arms he smiled at me. I knew then that the shoot was going to be amazing! The Dad joined the shoot not that long after we started and later we went out to do some more photos outside. 

This gorgeous baby was mesmerised by the sound of the camera shutter. He loved the photo shoot and behaved so well!! 
It was an absolute delight to meet the M family and to capture their love and happiness!

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Family photoshoot in the beautiful Surrey lavender fields

As soon as you step a foot outside of London, you find beautiful places like this lavender field in Surrey — the spot chosen by this lovely family for their photoshoot.
The temperature was warm, but England being England, the sky was cloudy and the occasional raindrops fell upon us.

The scent and the colour of the lavender made this photoshoot very special. It was like happiness was in the air... The kids were running around, playing hide and seek and the bumble bees were bumping into us a lot! 

It was an amazing afternoon spent at an amazing location. A pleasure to shoot!

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