Portraying people at work


Do you want to show in your website how work is really done in your company? How you and your colleagues are real miracle workers pulling through daily challenges to deliver the final product you sell? Do you want your clients to see that you are not robots but very efficient people? 

Wether you want to show your offices or workshops, a photographic reportage will tell your clients that the products they like are built with dedication and care.

The Architect Rakell Mendes, owner at Maquetes de Arquitectura, specialised in model making when she realised the market was full of architects but there weren't enough people with the skills and attention to detail to build models. I was asked to capture a moment in her studio, when she prepares the small details of windows and balconies to apply on a 1/100 scale model. 

Maquetes de Arquitectura is one of the very few companies dedicated only to this side of the industry in Portugal, working for a wide variety of clients in Portugal and abroad.

Almada, Portugal - May 2015

The photographer Joana Saramago came to our studio and did the shots while I worked on our latest commision. When Joana sent me the photos, a couple of days after taking them, I was amazed to see how they capture the true essence of our workplace.
— Rakell Mendes, Architect @ Maquetes de Arquitectura

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